A Serial Reanimated

We are now in the wonderful month of October, the month of Halloween, which is the perfect time to bring corpses back from the dead. Like The Corpse. Which, of course is barren bandit territory of what used to be the city Kroeper. This city lies just outside the walls of what some of you may remember as the city of Greylands.

Yes, that is right: Greylands is back. But not in the serial blog post form some of you may have followed, but in a much more compact collection. A published collection.

I’m actually jumping up and down and clapping my hands and making some strange high-pitched squeals of excitement, but fortunately you’re all missing that. Unless you’re my neighbours, in which case: I’m sorry.

I recently had the pleasure to read the serial as a whole, and I think I’m even more impressed by the collection now than I was when it first came out. In spite of being a non-profit, small- (but much appreciated) audienced opportunity, these authors committed themselves to preparing quality stories and I’m so proud of the end result.

Greylands is currently undergoing edits, and is scheduled for an early November release. I hope you’re as excited about that as I am. We should have a cover reveal for you shortly as well, so please come back to check that out and spread the word!

ALSO (and here you thought I was done) I have a few new shiny things to share:

1) I am now a proud … well, an owner of my very own FB page if you feel like sauntering over and giving it a “like”: https://www.facebook.com/kristawalshauthor

2) If FB is the devil and not your cup of tea, I’m also preparing a newsletter you can sign up for! I’ll be sure to post once the link is up and running!



  1. I think I’m doing a similar dance because my dogs are giving me a wide berth. Except Quinn. He’s joining in because he likes to dance. 😉 And I have to concur. When I read Greylands straight through I was, honestly, shocked at how well it came together. I can’t wait to get it into reader’s hands.

    Now, back to scrambling to get the cover in your hands. Eeep!

  2. I enjoyed reading the Greylands series as it was posted on the blog – a nice mix of styles that blended well, and an interesting dystopian setting.

    I hope it does well, it deserves to. 🙂


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