Guest Post: C.J. Duarte

Today, I turn my blog over to a good friend & talented writer for an exciting announcement!


The Dash“The Dash” Vol. 1 Now An E-Book (and Award-Winner!)

Guest Post by C.J. Duarte

Hello everyone, and thank you to Krista Walsh for the opportunity to very briefly guest-post on this blog. For the unfamiliar, I’m author and long-time Raven’s Quill reader C.J. Duarte, and the first volume of my debut novel The Dash (originally released in print in 2011) has finally come out as an Amazon e-book this week. My novel has also been fortunate enough to win the 2013 Readers’ Favorite Silver Medal, in the General Fiction category, this very same week! For those who are aware of how very-long-in-the-works this book has been, not to mention all the major ups and downs throughout, these may seem like overdue bonuses to an already-cherished accomplishment. For me, though, they almost represent yet another chapter in this ongoing journey to make a different type of contemporary novel—one that is unashamedly dense, quiet, interpretational, weird, strenuous, romantic, and memorable. A reflection of life itself, as I see it.

Once again I want to thank my supporters (past, present, and future) and encourage you to visit the links below and spread the word. I also plan on releasing the second and final volume of this novel within the next year or so, to cap off what has been a truly remarkable trip. Otherwise, I look forward to what will follow this new milestone in The Dash’s growth, and I’m hopeful that even more people will come to appreciate it going forward. Thanks for reading!

Official Website: E-Book Listing:

Readers’ Favorite 2013 Winners Page:



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