Off Again!

Last week I said I would post my reply to the wonderful Keri Lake‘s questions, but Tuesday night came and I suddenly remembered (because somehow it had slipped my mind) that I was getting on a plane to Germany this Friday (tonight!) and I should probably, maybe, pack.

I fully intend to complete that little Q&A upon my return, but I’m also going to do my best to sneak some wifi and post pictures/updates along my travels. Lots of historical destinations on the itinerary, so there will be no lack of material.

This past weekend I went to our local Comic Con and had an amazing time! Not only were the panels hilarious, but as it happens to be Playoff season in a very hockey-oriented city, the guests seemed to have a good time inciting riots between the fans of different teams. I, myself, am not a hockey fan, so did not cheer wildly at any derivative comments towards the Toronto Maple Leafs *ahem*.

More impressive than the panels, the photo ops, the meet & greets or the autographs (although those were pretty great), were the local enthusiasts. There are some creative and courageous people out there! Red Shirts, Catwomen, Captain Americas, an endless line of Doctor Whos – each area of geekdom was proudly represented. I got to bump into people like this (I don’t know the names of the people inside the costumes, but if you happen to see this post – you are awesome and I applaud you!):




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