Wednesday Wippet – Evensong

With page 270 giving too much away, page 27 too similar to the bit I already shared and chapter 27 not existing, I opted for half-way through chapter 13 of Evensong.

Once you have a read, be sure to pop over to K. L. Schwengel‘s blog to read her post & check out the links of the other WiPpeteers!


Jayden’s eyes flicked from side to side, his hands clenched into fists and Jeff wondered if his concern was for someone in particular. His thoughts drifted to Maggie’s family, but Jayden bypassed the cottages and led them to the community well in the centre of town. A small group crowded around it, one young child, his blood-spattered face buried in his mother’s apron, shrieking with fear.

“What’s happened?” Jasmine demanded, shooting a concerned expression towards the child.

Jayden turned the winch to bring up the bucket, its contents sloshing inside – but it wasn’t water. Too thick and dark. He tipped it onto the ground and Jeff stepped back to avoid the spray. The droplets that hit his boots stained them a dark red.

The source of the blood.

There was too much of it to be caused by an injured person falling down the well, and Jeff could think of only one other possibility – the water wasn’t so much tainted as transformed. Jasmine’s narrowed eyes fixed on her brother. “He may as well have poisoned our whole water supply.”

“That’s not all.”

How much more can there be? 



  1. Great WIPpet – you really conveyed the gross factor well, and the promise that there is more nastiness to come. I appreciate your difficulty picking a piece without spoilers – a very nice solution though!


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