Return of the Wednesday WIPpet

With the new year in place, I thought it would be a good time to let people  in on what I’m working on. I’m sure you remember the rules of this little game. Post a section of your current Work in Progress that corresponds in some way to the date. As today is the 16th I’ll pull a bit from page 16.

Some of you may recognize these characters from my story story Evensong, but as chance would have it, I took the short and turned it into a novel of the same name as my NaNoWriMo project. Enjoy!


Jeff snorted, gaze glued on Jayden. “I cannot believe my subconscious is making me have this conversation. But fine, I’ll give myself the benefit of the doubt. Maybe there are some issues with the plot, but this is only the first draft, guys, the edits will fix it. Can I go now?”

“No,” said Jasmine. Jeff shifted his attention to her.

“No?” he mocked. “My dream, my rules. Not to mention my characters, my rules. I’ll just sit here until I wake up if I have to.”

Jasmine sniffed in contempt and flipped the loose hairs from her braid out of her face. “This was a waste of time, brother. He’s not taking us seriously.”

“Now, now, Jax, we’re only just getting started. He may be a fool, but that’s not to say some information won’t penetrate his thick skull.”

Jeff bristled, wishing he’d created more tactful, if not kinder, characters. His book was his book, and no matter what dream-people might have to say, he wasn’t going to change anything. That’s how books never got finished.


If you enjoyed this and want some more WIPpet goodness, I happen to know there’s a particularly good post by K.L. Schwengel this morning




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