Steve McHugh – Born of Hatred

A belated Merry [insert personal holiday celebration here] to you all! I hope it was full of good food, good friends and family, and a reminder that the world isn’t always the dark and scary place it sometimes seems to be. For those of you wise enough to ask for an e-reader this year, I’m sure you’re looking for items to fill it up, and for that purpose I present a follow up interview with author Steve McHugh, whose new novel Born of Hatred, reminds us that the world is sometimes a dark and scary place.

For Steve’s first stop on the Raven’s Quill, to discuss his debut novel Crimes Against Magic, please click here.

Welcome back, Steve!


1) It doesn’t seem that Crimes Against Magic has been out that long, but already Born of Hatred is ready! Tell us about it!

Yeah, it’s been pretty quick from book 1 to book 2. I had Born of Hatred almost finished when I released Crimes Against Born-of-Hatred (2)Magic, so it wasn’t too hard to get it done. I don’t plan on doing the same turn around with book 3 though. As for what it’s about:

There was a time when Nathan Garrett was feared. When the mention of his name was enough to stop his enemies in their tracks. That time has long since passed.

When Nathan’s friend asks for help investigating a pattern of horrific crimes, he reluctantly agrees. But his investigation leads to a serial killer who is something more, or less, than human, a creature of pure malevolence and hatred.

There are some things that even a 1600-year-old sorcerer hesitates to challenge. But when evil targets those Nathan cares about, his enemies will discover exactly who Nathan used to be. And why they will learn to fear him once more.

Born of Hatred is an action-packed, Urban Fantasy set in modern-day England with historical flashbacks to late nineteenth century Montana. It’s the second book of the Hellequin Chronicles, following the widely praised Crimes Against Magic, which introduced sorcerer Nathan Garrett.

2) CaM ended on a pretty world-shaking note for Nate. Can we expect any new surprises from the past to greet him in this book?

We learn what or who Hellequin is. I’m not a big fan of dragging things out when they don’t need to be, and the events in book 2 gave me a good reason to reveal it. I also introduce 2 huge characters from Greek mythology, and they happen to be 2 of my favorite characters.

I can attest that your choice of Greek characters is pretty fantastic. I really enjoyed that bit. 

3) Sequels are known to be tricky beasts. Was BoH more difficult to write than CaM?

In some ways, yeah. I was unknown when CAM released, so people who liked book 1 had some expectations for BoH. Hopefully I exceeded them. As for the book itself, it was much easier to write as a whole as it flowed a lot easier.

4) Were there any elements that were easier, or more fun to come back to?

Nate’s past is always something I love exploring, so that was good fun. And I love the relationship between Nate and Tommy. They’re a lot of fun to write as they have this natural banter between the two of them.

5) You’ve posted a lot of things since the release of Book 1 about things you’ve learned about self-publishing; what is the most important piece of advice you can offer?

There’s so much I’ve learned. Just write. That’s probably the most important. Blogs, reviews, promo work, they’re all important. But you need to keep writing otherwise, it’s for nothing in the long run.

Also, having friends who are willing to give you blog space is an incredible thing. It’s something that all writers should have.

6) What is your best experience self-pubbing so far?

Having control over my covers. That’s something very important to me. And being able to have a talented friend of mine do the covers, is something I’d never be able to do if I wasn’t self-pubbed.

And a perfect and amazing cover it is. People won’t be disappointed if they judge this book by that red-eyed face.

 7) I believe there’s one more book to go in the series? When can we expect it?

There’s notes for about another dozen books, at least. I have a lot of work for Nate to do. The next one, With Silent Screams, will probably not be out until next June/July, it depends on how quickly I can get it finished.

8) Other than Book 3 – is there anything else we can expect from you now that BoH is available?

I have some short stories I want to write before book 3 comes out. And I’d like to get round to writing that Steampunk story I’ve been thinking about for a few years. Not sure when that will actually get done though. I need more hours in the day!

Most important questions!

9) Where can people find Born of Hatred?

There will be a paperback copy hopefully before the new year. And probably a Smashwords version in a month or so

10) Where can people find you?




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