Nano – Day 29

So, I guess that’s that?

First off – how the hell has a month gone by this quickly? I blink and another week’s passed, the malls are getting busier, the music jollier, and the holidays are breathing down my neck asking why I haven’t even started thinking about giftsyet. I distinctly remember the sense of anticipation and borderline nervousness the few days before NaNo started. How was I going to get 50k written in 30 days when I’d hardly written 5k in the last 3 months?! It would be impossible! I was excited about the idea for my novel, not sure where it was going to go, having only the first scene and the last scene previously in my head.

Now edits are stretching out with no deadline to keep me grounded, leaving all motivation up to that voice in my head that goes “Do I really want to work? I could really go for that extra game of Spider Solitaire”. So yep, the novel’s pretty much doomed.

I loved the rush of the word sprints, though – the satisfaction of watching that little word count ticker go up on the NaNo site. The likelihood of my becoming a NaNo addict is strong.

That being said, I couldn’t have done it without all the people cheering me on. You’ve put up with my word count updates, and ramblings about plot lines. You’ve laughed with me at stupid hours of the night over typos that, although pretty fantastic, were probably funnier for me. So (since many of you guys not familiar with NaNo keeping asking what the reward is for “winning”), I dedicate my prize to you guys:

Congratulations to everyone who participated – 50k, 20k, 5k – doesn’t matter how much you wrote – that you started at all is the part you should be proud of!



  1. Way to go, Krista. Now, regarding the comment about the novel being doomed. . . That, my friend, is unacceptable. You *will* get back to it, give yourself an irrevocable deadline, and stop slacking. Okay, fine, you can give yourself a couple days to recover but then . . .

    1. Hehe – appreciated Kathi!! Actually, I’m happy to say I’ve made a good dent in the first read-through. Hoping to be done adding scenes in a week or two…so then I can start cutting them.

  2. Hey, mate. You’ve done amazingly well. And I’m sure you’ll get into the editing zone soon. I’d recommend some chocolate and wine, maybe some grapes fed to you by frond waving sycophants, and then just keep going. You’ll get there sooner than you think.

    1. I certainly wouldn’t say no to the wine & chocolate, and the grapes sound nice, but – as much I as I enjoy being told how marvellous I am – I’ll pass on the sycophants. They’d go straight to my head.


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