Nano – Day 23

I’ve learned a new lesson: editing things you wrote in a blind rush can be difficult. You often hit patches that make no sense.

I finished my first draft of Evensong last Friday and have been going through it to add scenes and flesh out some meat on the bony skeleton of the story (then comes the second round of editing where I cut it all to ribbons again). I found myself stumped for a good after hour on a bit of dialogue that was written with such insight, such passion! And I had no idea what I’d been trying to say.

I’ve also discovered my brain suffers a bit of word salad these days, my typos being not so much misspelled words as just the wrong words. My favourites so far:

“They froze with horror as the spear glinted of the luminescent scales and snapped clean in tea.” [two]


“eleven o’clock staring back at time.” [him] – I particularly enjoy this one as it hints at an ongoing loop.

Considering my usual writing method is to edit as I go, my editing methods will have to change on a grand scale to keep up with the rushed wordage. It will be an adventure, and not a short one.

What are your plans for your NaNo work when it’s done?



  1. You have sacrificed to the Wordage Gods, and you offering has been found meaty. We are pleased.

    The Editing Gods have now tasted your offering. You will remove bone and gristle until they are appeased. You show promise, for a mortal, but your frail shell will not sway our judgement or stay our wrath. Unless you give us chocolate, and ice cream – ice cream with a little chocolate flake in it. No, ice cream with a BIG chocolate flake in it. And sprinkles. We want chocolate sprinkles. LOTS of chocolate sprinkles. And a shubbery … … with chocolate sprinkles on it. And a chocolate flake in the corner. WAIT! We want LOTS–

    1. Oh Great and Powerful Editing Gods, I humbly thank you for acknowledging such a mere mortal as myself and shall work as hard as I can to be worthy. I think I can manage the chocolate covered ice cream, but the shrubbery with chocolate sprinkles could be a challenge. Not to say I’m not up to it.
      And thank you for the chuckle 🙂


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