NaNo – Day 15

By some strange burst of creativity, I managed to hit 50k on the morning of November 12. I guess that means the word-count part of my challenge is done, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to put down the pen (laptop).

My goal for this month has always been to write an entire novel. One Β with those finicky important bits, like a beginning, middle and end. I think I’ve reached the beginning, pretty sure I’ve wrangled out a middle, so the next 15 days will be exploring the journey to the end.

I’ve lost complete control over the story. Okay, maybe “lost” isn’t the right word. It was a choice. I handed it over to my characters and told them to have fun with it. Now it’s reached a point where I’ll start a scene, full expecting it to veer right, only to find that they have something else in mind and 5 chapters later I’m down a completely different path way off to the left. Editing will be a real charm – I’ve hit some incredibly amusing typos along the way and I think they may come back in a blog post for your entertainment – but I think it’s a better story for it.

Now I’m going back to my villain’s evil fortress so I can get my MC out of danger and into the hands of … mermaids? Seriously, where the hell is this story going?

I’ve been watching everyone’s NaNo word counts – everyone is doing really well!! Half-way mark is today and you can do this!!! What have your writing strategies been so far?



  1. It’s got an evil fortress and mermaids – what’s not to love? Congratulations, Krista. Maybe I should employ you as a ghost writer for my stories, and I might actually finish one! πŸ˜‰

    1. The first step is admitting you know nothing about what’s going on in your story, and then your characters will roll their eyes, heave a sigh, and graciously take over so you only have to move fingers on keyboard. It’s a great trick πŸ˜‰


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