Author Interview – Laura Diamond

A second interview this week! I love being surrounded by lovely and talented people – and today I’m very excited to share my Q&A with the extremely lovely and wonderfully talented Laura Diamond to discuss her new release New Pride. (Laura is a fellow author in the Day of Demons anthology, by the way. If you haven’t read “City of Lights and Stone” yet, get on it; you won’t regret it.)

Without further ado, I present: Laura Diamond:


Welcome to my blog! It’s about time I had you around here. Let’s get started shall we?

Who is the real Laura Diamond? Tell us a little bit about the mind behind the book.

Hi, Krista! So excited to be here!

Silly, I have no mind, LOL!!!!

Just kidding…laughs nervously at own joke.


I’ve always been an introvert—meaning, I’ve always lived inside my head. Really, that’s where the magic happens. Because of my lifelong hyperactive imagination, I’ve developed the ability to “see” my characters, scenes, settings, etc as if I’ve lived it myself. I struggle with sharing that with others sometimes (and it shows in my early drafts via lack of description), but yes, that’s how my mind works.

When I drafted New Pride, I knew the main character, Richard, as if he was a close friend. Right off the bat. I knew he’d lived a long life, but was still a teenager because he hadn’t yet found his mate. I knew he was a sensitive soul and a fierce warrior. I knew he was a thinker and that he had a strong sense of doing what’s right.

In four words or less, tell us about New Pride.

New town, love, terror…

Now is as many words as you like, tell us about New Pride! What was the inspiration for it?

Shifting Pride, my upcoming YA paranormal romance novel, came first. The main character, Nickie, is the only person who believes her missing father, Richard, is still alive. The clues are adding up for her and so is the stress. It works her up so much that she ends up bringing out her cat side!

In working with my editor, we decided it would be neat to learn more about Richard and his story as a teen. That’s how New Pride was born.

This blurb really explains it all: Kicked out by his alpha father for nearly exposing their secret, seventeen-year-old Richard Leone is a shape-shifter without a pride. Alone, homeless, and hungry, he forms a tenuous friendship with Derek, a power-hungry shifter from an unstable rogue pride. It’s either that, or starve. Until they encounter a gorgeous brunette, Molly, partying with friends around a campfire. Richard immediately feels a connection with her, and something about her calls to him. Almost as if she was supposed to be his mate.

But when Molly is kidnapped, Richard must take on the entire rogue pride to save her and keep his human town safe from harm. Derek offers him a deal: he’ll help Richard take on the pride to rescue Molly, but only to secure his place as alpha. And once that happens, the humans could be in even more danger…

There seems to be a boom right now in YA literature. What made you choose YA?

I love how raw emotions are during the teen years. Everything is so vibrant, angst-ridden, and fresh. It’s a time in life when you’re trying to be a grown-up, exert your independence, but that often includes facing fears and experiencing new, even threatening, situations.

I also love the sweetness of new love, crushes, and those butterflies you get in your stomach when the person you’re crushing on flirts with you. Ah, the good ole days, LOL! [YES!!]

What was the most challenging experience for your story? The most surprising?

Richard initially came to me as a very old-fashioned, descriptive, slow-paced kind of guy. Problem was, it didn’t fit the fast-paced, fun, young love of Shifting Pride.

I had to scrap the first version entirely. MERP.

The most surprising thing was (with help from my editor, Rachel Firasek), I was able to torque up Richard’s story and turn it into a novelette in a WEEK.

No pressure, LOL!

New Pride is not the only project you’ll have available soon! Can you tell us a little bit about your novel?

Shifting Pride is entirely Nickie’s story. She’s a spunky, driven, curious girl who doesn’t take no for an answer.

Here’s the blurb: Sixteen-year-old Nickie Leone has proof that her missing (presumed dead) father is still alive. Receiving his watch in the mail is the first in a line of clues bringing her closer to discovering his whereabouts. But clues aren’t the only new thing in Nickie’s life. There’s the Memorial Banquet her mother insists she help prepare for, there’s the new kid/hottie, Xavian, and…well, the growth of whiskers and a tail!

Filled with secrets and a new love of tuna fish, Nickie must partner up with Xavian (don’t you know he’s a shapeshifter also?) to rescue her dad before she loses him forever. Oh, and she needs to figure out how to be a cat, too.

With these off your plate and out into the world, the big question is: What next?

I’m brainstorming a sequel to Shifting Pride! I also have a middle grade in the works and I have to find a new home for Endure, my YA dystopian.

Additionally, I have another short story coming out—Begging Death in the Carnage: After the End anthology by Siren’s Call Publications.

More ideas are coming by the day and I’m jotting them down. Now, to get my butt in the chair and start writing them, LOL!

Where can people connect with you or learn more about you?




Facebook Author Page: Author Page:


Enter to win a copy of NEW PRIDE:

Amazon purchase link:

Thoughts? Words of wisdom? Karaoke time?

LOL! No karaoke for me! Unless you want to hear something that sounds suspiciously like a screeching cat.

A final thought: The publishing industry can (and will) beat you down. Don’t let it keep you down long. GET UP. And keep fighting. Make sure you have a good network of writerly pals. They’ll help you get through. I know I’m eternally indebted to my buds. 😉



  1. Is it sick that I’m loving your use of the word terror? lol Can’t wait to read! I never knew you considered yourself an introvert. Well, I’m glad I’ve gotten to know you. Thanks for spotlighting her, Krista.

  2. Wonderful interview! Congratulations on your successes, Laura! I can only hope for 1/2 that when I finish my novel! Kisses to the cats and puppy!. xx

    Great interview questions Krista! Helps being out the personality of the author and her books! Thoroughly enjoyed this!!


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