NaNoWriMo – Day 1

My start time on this first day of NaNo was 5:30am. It’s only about 20 minutes earlier than I normally get up, so it actually wasn’t too bad. I’ve decided to use my internal rhythm to advantage, so for the next 30 days it’ll be early mornings and the later work shift.

So far so good this morning – a nice dent into the daily word count recommendation of 1,667. The biggest challenge so far as been my cat. She doesn’t like when I spend all my time on the computer and has taken to chewing on my elbows and fingers. As a note: it’s very difficult to focus or type when sharp little teeth are gouging holes in one’s skin. I’m thinking I might have to invest in someone to keep her entertained while I work.

To everyone else starting WriMo today – what are your tricks to stay focused? How are you planning on fitting the daily word count into your life? Lots of shifting things around? Hope everyone’s first day sets you off to a great start!




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