Heat Wave

Some of you may have noticed a bit of silence round the blog lately, and the good news is – you’re not crazy. And with the exception of the final Greylands submissions (hint hint, send ’em in!) and my Comic Con adventures (needed to dispel any rumours of me decked out in costume, apparently. They’re not complete true.), this silence will probably continue until the fall. Why? Because it’s hot.

Now, I know that may seem like a strange excuse not to come up with blog posts, but over the weeks my brain has melted in a slurry of grey matter goop and thinking hurts. What cognitive ability I’ve been able to maintain with massive quantities of ice cream has been focused on a new project that I hope to reveal more about soon. The deadline for it is approaching faster than I could imagine, so I’ve been cracking down! I do have a few ideas for posts coming up, though, so once I find the time I’ll be all over it!

In the meantime, don’t forget about me~ There’s always lots to read, and still a few more Greylands posts to come



  1. I feel your pain. I’m hoping it’s possibly to actually sweat your arse off, it sure will help my weight loss, and then at least this miserable heat will be good for something. All it serves to do is make me crankier than normal and less creative than a straight line.

  2. Good luck staying productive through the heatwave – intravenous slushies maybe? I’m looking forward to finding out the ending of the Greylands series, and to discovering more about your secret project. I hope it goes well, 🙂


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