Wednesday Wippet #6

I’m using another clip from Playing with Fire this week, since it seems to be what’s pulling my attention. I went with page 27 since Chapter 27 is sort of right at the end and would give everything away. I hope you enjoy it! It’s from one of my favourite chapters.

Once you’ve finished here, go check out Kathi L. Schwengel‘s next clip of her untitled UF, and see if Sarah L Fox or Steve McHugh have anything going on this week!


“Of course, the masks may make our job more difficult,” the officer continued. “He will not be as easy to find either.”

“I don’t think it will cause much trouble,” I assured him. “If we’ve learned anything from his hunting expeditions and his home, it’s that he likes to flaunt his nature. Chances are he’ll come dressed in full witch’s robes with a giant pentacle around his neck and a stave taller than he is.”

Rhys snorted a laugh. “That would make things easier.”

Barret ignored the jest, intent on our task. “The most crucial step will be after he leaves the building. If we are not able to grab him before he gets into a taxi, our chance is lost.”

I nodded. “We’ll stop him. As soon as he steps out the door.”

“And what do you mean to do with him?” Barret asked. “We have a plan to get him, but what comes next?”

With a shrug I inspected my freshly painted fingernails. “We question him about his plans. As soon as we tells us everything he knows, we kill him.”



    1. Not giving anything away, yet finding an entertaining piece. It is a challenge. But fun to just concentrate on tiny bits of the whole.

  1. Love the ending to this one. Oh, so casual, inspect the nails while discussing offing the baddie. 🙂 Gotta love it.


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