Wednesday Wippet #5

I was recently tagged by Steve McHugh is another Lucky Seven Meme (thanks Steve!!), so I thought I’d combine WW with the game. As I’ve already participated, I’ll leave off the tagging part – especially since I already encourage you to jump on board with the Wippets! After you’ve read mine, hop on over to Sarah L Fox‘s site – she’s got a really great sample up for her sci-fi The Big Bang. As well Kathi L Schwengel posts a bit from her unnamed urban fantasy

I recently got a rejection letter from an agent that was on the whole very positive. She took the time to give some great feedback (which amazed me – first time that’s happened!), so I’ve decided to do some more work on it. As a result, it now falls back in my WIP category. Here are a few lines from Playing with Fire:


Adrian was standing in the window when Jeanne opened the door, but as I came in he crossed the room and bent over my hand, gracing me with his unique smile – one that kept his canines hidden. He was a handsome man who appeared to be in his mid-sixties with a close-cropped beard and bright blue eyes.

His wardrobe made me smile. As usual he was dressed more for a night of fine dining than staying in, but the waistcoat and cravat suited his frame well. A vampire well over two thousand years old, Adrian had stopped noticing fashion trends that didn’t last at least a decade.

“Katerina, what a pleasure to see you. You look lovely.” His voice was as smooth as silk, soft and subtly accented with a blend of European notes, and never failed to make my blood stir.


To learn more about Adrian, read my interview with him here.




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