Wednesday Wippet #4

I was on the brink of not posting this week. I figured I didn’t want to post just for the sake of posting, and you guys have pretty much seen everything I’m working on.

But I realised there was one exception. You’ll see on my Works in Progress page a reference to a little (yea not so little. More like 210,000 word epic) piece called The Fenwith Trials, which covers a series of witch trials. Right now, it is still on stand-by until I get a couple of other projects out of the way, but it’s still the WIP that’s nearest and dearest to me. I spent 5 years with my characters and know them better than any of the others, I think. Hopefully that will come out in my novel.

My plan is to re-work it from top to bottom in terms of structure, but many of the content will stay the same. So – enjoy the look at Chapter 13 here!

And when you’re done check out the other Wednesday Wippers (?): Sarah L Fox, Kathi L Schwengel & Steve McHugh


“What are you doing this morning, Troian? Stirring up trouble?”

“As always. Here, have some sage.”

Lariah accepted it with a smile and Troian went back to gawking at the swaths of cotton. One person had taken up all that dress? “You’d best be careful now that the bloodhounds are snooping around town.”


“You haven’t seen them? They never leave Sir Isaac’s side.”

The witch hunter’s name caught Troian’s ear and she looked back to Lariah. “Oh. Those dogs. They almost did their business in my garden this morning. I can assure you, ‘sir’ or not, he would have had to help me clean it up.”

“I can just imagine,” Lariah laughed. “Although if you believe anything that’s being said, he hardly needs the dogs. He has a sharp enough nose for people who stand out.  Take care to keep your head down before it’s lopped off.”

“He doesn’t strike me as the head lopping off type. Besides, I’ve made it twenty-four years with my head still attached. I think I’m doing pretty well for myself.”



  1. I feel for you Krista – you spend five years with some very special characters and the story then compels you to threaten them with having their heads disconnected from their bodies. Still, I suppose it’s quicker and more effective than your average diet… 😉


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