Wednesday Wippet

Next week will be easier for me to select from a wider range of works, but as it is Bitter Cold is the only WIP I have going on right now that reaches page 30, so you guys get to read a bit more between Poppy and Kat! Can’t wait to hear what you think. Enjoy! **For any of you who are interested in joining the Wednesday Wippet crowd, let me know and I can attach some links here. For example, click here to check out Sarah L. Fox’s page!**


[Rhys] had laid out the valid argument that his Sight might help should we get into trouble, so Poppy had left him her mobile number and I’d instructed him to call me if he Saw anything. Then we had left him at her apartment to look after Whiskers.

Sitting in the car with Poppy, I almost regretted my decision. At least Rhys could have kept Poppy entertained. Instead she fiddled with the radio dial and sang aloud to songs she didn’t seem to know very well, using the steering wheel as a percussion instrument. While I could tolerate the singing, my main concern was for the 1996 Corolla we’d borrowed from Javier, Poppy’s pretzel-vendor friend. I wasn’t sure it would be able to handle many more beats of her palms.

“I think this is good for us, kitty Kat,” Poppy said between songs. “I think it’s what we needed to develop our relationship. A nice girls’ weekend inAtlantic City.”

“I can’t think of any way I’d rather spend my time,” I answered blandly and turned my gaze out the window to the city flying past us.



  1. Steering wheels can put up with an incredible amount of percussion. Just ask my 2000 Neon. 😉 Good stuff! I’d like to read more!

  2. I think paragraph one is a little wordy and doesn’t read too well but I’m sure you’ll tidy it up. Otherwise, I love the description – can easily relate to it 😀

  3. Alas, only a little smidgen to go on – now I’ll have to hack the satellite, re-orientate the dish, and upload the rest from your computer. If NASA arrest me, I’ll blame it all on you. 🙂

  4. I’m intriguied. Looks like some good stuff you’ve got going here. I may have to join in this Wednsday thing to help get me back in the groove. 😉


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