Wednesday Wippet

I’m adopting an idea from a twitter buddy of mine, fellow writer Sarah L Fox. She picked up the Lucky Seven Meme blog game and decided to turn it into an editing tool, which I think is a great idea. Not only does it get people interested in your WIP (work in progress, hence the name “wippet” – e.g. snippet of a WIP), but it helps you focus in on small segments of the story, out of context, sequence, anything, to see how it flows as a passage on its own.

In the Lucky Seven Meme, the rule was to do to the 7th line on the 7th page and take the post the next 7 lines. Sarah thoughts dates would make sense, so I’m going to follow her example. Today is’ the 23rd, so I will hop on over to page 23, and see what we can do.

So I present: a wippet of my urban fantasy novel Bitter Cold, which is currently in some very rough editing stages. I’m open to feedback, thoughts, or feel free to jump onto the program!


She let out a breath. “You have no problem being blunt, do you? What, you just…killed her?”

“She set her on fire,” Rhys answered, having regained his composure.

Poppy’s gaze flicked from Rhys back to me, unwilling to keep me out of direct sight for long, in case I should attempt a similar attack on her. And I was tempted. “Well. I guess that solves my problem. But you understand why I did it, right? For all I knew, you were dead. I wasn’t going to set him loose or anything, I just needed a bodyguard.”

“How many others are there?” I asked, scanning the lot.

“He’s the only one, I swear,” Poppy rushed to assure me.

I frowned. “Poppy?”

With a guilty expression she cast her eyes down and I followed her gaze.

“Sweet mother of mercy,” I groaned. A loud, deadpanned rawwr sounded at the height of my ankle. “You raised a cat?”



  1. An excellent wippet! Though I did find something odd. It seems this Poppy character can raise the dead, but that’s such an happy go-lucky name, Poppy, for someone so macabre as to raise the dead. Perhaps that was the intention? A bit of irony, maybe? 🙂

  2. That’s fun Krista. I like the twist. 🙂

    There are practical advantages too – no vet bills, no pet food costs, no upset children when yet another beloved furry family member bites the dust because your pet is undead.

    From this, I think it sounds great fun.

  3. I like it! Very well done. Leaves me with lots of questions which means I want to read more. A grand success. I might have to take a look at Wednesday Wippets when I have some breathing room again.


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