Day of Demons – Release Day

 Day of Demons is a collection of powerful stories featuring the conflict of demons and humans over the course of a day.

Read how one woman’s inner-self awakens to unexpected and frightening consequences, or how a charismatic half-breed thief is forced to strike a deal with a pen-stealing imp. Read about a mother as she struggles to cope with a deadly, satanic bargain, and a sword-wielding anti-hero as he returns out of exile to face his demonic fate.

Nine stories, nine demons, nine authors. From fantasy, to horror, to contemporary fiction, this anthology will fright, delight and grip you with tales of daring-do, danger and of course — demons.

My brain is so rattled with excitement, I’ve just spent 15 minutes trying to figure out how to format this post. I can’t even figure out how to word anything. All right, how about this:

The Day of Demons anthology is my first publication as a fiction writer. And the e-Book is out TODAY. RIGHT NOW. 

Am I saying you should buy it just because I’m in it? No – but thanks if that’s why 😉 . I’ve read all of the stories in this anthology and it’s an incredible collection of fantasy. No matter what style of the genre you like, it’s in there. Talented writers, engaging stories, all picked and chosen by a fantastic editor (Colin F. Barnes) who made sure the project went from first draft to Amazon shelves.

The fantabulous (yes, that’s a word) stories include:

*They exist! They may just not have websites.

It’s not just me saying it’s great! The first reviewer also had some kind words to say (Have something you want to say yourself? Reviews welcome!)

Still not sure? Keep on an eye on the new Anachron Press website for all sorts of fun promo stuff. And of course, come back often to the Raven’s Quill, as I’m sure I’ll be talking about it quite a bit.

Ready to take the plunge into darkness? There’s a link for that too:

 After months of hair-pulling glee, jumping up and down, and running around like a crazy person, I’m thrilled that everyone else gets to share this with us. ENJOY!



  1. Awesome! So happy for you and the rest of the authors included in the anthalogy. I will definitely be loading it onto my Kindle this weekend. 🙂 Well done. Celebratory hats (or tiaras), drinks, and noise makers all around!

  2. Can I ‘squee’ on your behalf? Yes? *SQUEE!* I really enjoyed beta-reading your story Krista, and if all the writing is up to that standard it should be a solid offering. Colin’s got the professionalism thing down, and Anachron Press is a good home for all those mouth-watering, underwear soaking stories…

  3. Yay!!!!! I can’t believe the progress you’ve made Kris, and how far you’ve come! I’m so excited for you, even my toes are tingling!!! I can’t wait to buy a hard copy of Day of Demons to support one of my all-time favorite authors (that’s you) 😉 Also interested to read the rest of the stories! Again, YAY!!!! ❤


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