Devin O’Branagan’s Red Hot Property: a review

Molly O’Malley is a plucky rookie real estate agent who is learning to swim with the sharks at the town’s most cutthroat agency. A former cocktail waitress, Molly uses her street savvy to avoid being eaten alive by vindictive office staff, neurotic colleagues, crazy clients, and an abundance of sexy men. A hilarious tale of a woman trying to become more than she believes possible, and discovering herself in the process.

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I never realised that real estate agents led such excitinglives! From the first scene to the last, O’Branagan keeps the reader hookedwith a blend of suspense, violence, heartbreak and, most prominently – humour. Red Hot Property is comedic chick lit atits best. It’s been compared to the style of Janet Evanovich and, while I cansee where the comparison lies (I’m a big Evanovich fan myself), O’Branagantakes a unique twist that makes it something entirely new.
As always, Devin has created a full cast of loveable (andhateable) characters that you could easily believe you’d meet in the course ofa day. Molly O’Malley the feisty main character, is a perfect example of awoman trying so hard to get what she wants out of life – love, a family, asuccessful career – that she loses focus on why she wants it. How many of uscan say that we haven’t experienced that kind of tunnel vision at one time oranother. It’s easy to feel empathy for the Lead’s experiences, and that empathysucks you right into the rest of the story.
But don’t expect Molly to be the one to keep your interestthe whole way through. There are so many fantastic secondary characters and allof them steal the show. It comes as no surprise to me that Valentino DeMitri – “TheQueen of Real Estate” – and his dog Talisman have become such favourites ofDevin’s collection. I’m so glad that I finally got to meet them and find outwhat all the fuss was about. They certainly deserve it.  
The first in what will soon become a trilogy, Red Hot Property is a great start toMolly’s story. I can’t wait to pick up the sequel Red Hot Liberty, and Talisman’s exploits in Show Dog Sings the Blues

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