Minions of Misery Award

I’ve been awarded again! This time not as a reflection of how precious and adorable I am, but in honour of my darker side. Thank you Angela.

Instructions: Share one dark book, one dark movie, and one dark secret. Hmmm…

Dark Book: The only one that keeps coming to mind is Stephen King’s “It”. It’s the only book I couldn’t read at night unless I didn’t feel like sleeping. Otherwise, I would have to go with Neil Gaimen and Terry Pratchett’s “Good Omens”. Dark apocalyptic subject matter, hilarious execution.

Dark Movie: MUCH easier. “Sweeney Todd: the demon barber of Fleet Street.” The Johnny Depp version, but I’m pretty sure I’d enjoy any of them. How can you not enjoy a music about cannibalism? When I went to see this in theatres, the person I went with was very disturbed by how cheerful I was when we left.

Dark Secret: I love mediaeval style clothing. If I had the money I would sport layered skirts and deep-hooded cloaks all the time. Anne Larochelle knows what she’s doing. *le sigh* One day.

Now to honour someone else’s darkness, I nominate:
Colin F. Barnes



  1. Thanks for the nomination Krista. Good film choice – I love that story in whichever form. I quite like the Ray Winstone version, very grim. Mediaeval clothes, huh? Nice. Some lovely items on that site. Very stylish.


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