Writing Update #2

A couple news items to share! 

The big one: yesterday I took the plunge and sent out my first query letter for Playing with Fire, Book one of my Daughter of Time series. I always start with the one place I really, really want to get attached to so the worst of the disappointment is out of the way at the beginning (or I get the best news first!!). I’ll keep everyone posted if I hear anything, good or bad. Even rejections are positive – it means you’ve completed a work  you felt good enough to see in print. That’s something to be very proud of! Sometimes you even get great feedback on how to edit the next draft before you try again. 
If/when there’s good news, I’ll post my query letter here as a sample of a “successful” letter for anyone who’s reached the point of writing your letter. 
My second bit of news? You may notice the bar of tabs above the blog. 
“Could it be true?” you may ask. The answer is yes. I’m looking at posting a few excerpts and teases of my various stories. I’m going to put a poll up to see what you would most like to see on those pages (excerpts won’t be on the list. I’m going to hope that’s a given…) 


  1. Hey Krista, I just voted for other because you didn't put an All option. Just tell us the best stories behind your books. Or at least what you have the most to talk about.


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