The Void

Reality has invaded my imagination. I hate when that happens. How am I supposed to lose myself in a good mental story when what’s going on around me takes up most of my cognitive function?

Balance is everything. More often than not, I’ll admit, I lean more towards what goes on in my head, but I’m usually aware of what’s going on around me. How can I find inspiration for my stories if I don’t have at least one foot on real pavement, right? So that’s fine, I find I live quite happily that way.

I don’t like the other way around though. I’m being pummeled on all sides by the real world and it’s driving me a little mad. It’s not even that I  have writer’s block! What I wouldn’t give for a touch of “Bah! I want to write, but I have no idea where to begin!” No, not even the desire is there. When it comes up at all it’s a half-hearted, “I guess I could…”.

I’m looking forward to life settling down a bit so I can once more shift my priorities and focus on what’s important! Fiction!


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