I am enlisting help from you now.

I have many strengths when writing. This is not me trying to sound arrogant, just recognizing what I’m good at. I’m excellent at witty banter, pretty good at establishing relationships between characters and giving each character a fairly distinctive voice. I can also pull the emotional heart strings and make people cry. I have done this many times.

But there are only so many scenes in a book that can be tear-filled encounters and clever repartee. We no longer live in a Jane Austen world and while novels solely about relationships still sell, they’re not quite the top of the best-sellers list. People these days want ACTION.

So how does one write this way? What is the trick to getting people invested in a fight? Are there particular verbs I might throw in, or tropes that are used to get people rooting for the good guy? I am open to any and all suggestions on how to improve in this area.

And if no one replies, maybe I’ll take up classes in knife-fighting. Write what you know, right?



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